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The Application of Transparent LED Display in the Scene

The Application of Transparent LED Display in the Scene

Publish Time : Jun 22 2022

Ⅰ. The application advantages of transparent LED display

The transparent LED display not only ensures that the products are used in the natural environment of wooden floors, curtain wall glass, windows and other lighting fixtures, as well as lighting fixtures and angle range regulations, but also has excellent heat dissipation and aging resistance. However, the installation and maintenance of this product is extremely convenient, which can get rid of the limitations of traditional LED display in the application of curtain wall glass.

Transparent LED displays are generally favored by the sales market due to their key features of transparency, lightness, ease of installation, and environmental protection. Therefore, with the general requirements in the commercial service display sales market and the continuous development trend and independent innovation of transparent LED displays, It may become more and more irreplaceable in urban cleaning and presentation.

Ⅱ. The main use of transparent LED display

1. Promotion of tourist attractions

The transparent display screen can broadcast the content about the history, culture and art of Kunming Pool and the introduction of tourist attractions, so that visitors can have a deeper understanding of the culture, art and characteristics of the tourist attractions.

2. Education

It can be used as a youth education industry base. The college organizes activities to watch the detailed introduction of tourist attractions, culture and art, and historical time, and has a variety of educational methods.

3. Release information

It can publish a variety of information content including text, images, and videos, and has data encryption and content approval systems to ensure reasonable, legal, and compliant management of published content. The personalized variety show management method functions, and the content can be played in full screen according to the time and order programmed in advance.

4. City, party and government propaganda

It can cooperate with traditional festivals and key theme activities to play video city publicity and party and government publicity content, colorful publicity methods, improve the city's brand image, and expand the visibility of government work.

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