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What Are the Main Market Applications of the Transparent LED Display?

What Are the Main Market Applications of the Transparent LED Display?

Publish Time : Aug 02 2021

Because transparent LED display screens are transparent and beautiful, the application of transparent display screens has become popular in the commercial market.

Transparent display screens are widely favored by the market due to their characteristics such as transparency, thinness, installation, energy saving and environmental protection, and play an irreplaceable position in the beautification and display of big cities. Transparent display products are mainly used in the following aspects:

1. The transparent display screen is used for stage dance

The transparent LED display can be diversified according to the stage shape. It uses the transparent, light and thin characteristics of the LED screen itself to produce a strong perspective effect and make the depth of field of the entire screen longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave the space for the lighting to hang and play, and to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamics, and to express the theme more.

2. Transparent LED display is used in large shopping malls

The LED transparent display effectively combines the beauty of modern art with the environment of the shopping mall, so that shopping malls and glass partitions have a wide range of application prospects.

3. Transparent LED displays are used in chain stores

A distinctive store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design technique allows the transparent LED display to replace the traditional external wall LED display of the store, presenting richer and more vivid video advertisements, making the store more gorgeous and very attractive. In a sense, transparent LED displays act as large led advertising screens.

4. Transparent LED display is used in science and technology museum

The science and technology museum is an important scene for spreading scientific knowledge. The transparent LED display can be customized in special shapes as a high-tech effect display. People can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through the LED transparent screen.

5. Transparent LED display is used for glass showcase

With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers. LED transparent screens are increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, LED glass window decorations, and interior decoration.

6. Transparent LED display is used in construction media

With the development of LED technology, architectural media technology has also made rapid progress. Especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, in recent years, it has gradually become popular, and various solutions such as LED light bar screens and transparent LED sky screens have appeared.

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