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The Background of the Invention of TGC Series Transparent LED Display

The Background of the Invention of TGC Series Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Jul 08 2021

With the boomming of outdoor advertising, LED displays bring a series of negative problems, including affecting the image of the city. The LED display screen can indeed brighten the city and release information when working, but it is like a "scar" in the city when "resting", which is incompatible with the surrounding environment and greatly affects the beauty of the city.

1. TGC series transparent LED display is used as a new form of outdoor communication

Due to the emergence of these problems, the approval of the installation of outdoor large screens has become more and more cumbersome, and the management of outdoor advertising has become more and more strict. The TGC series of transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED displays, but also eliminates the problem of urban aesthetics to the greatest extent.

Because the TGC series of transparent LED display are mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, even when they are not working during the day, they will not have any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because the TGC series of transparent displays adopt a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication, which has avoided the approval of outdoor advertising.

2. Extensive development of the TGC series transparent LED display

With the acceleration of urban construction, such luxurious building materials such as glass curtain walls have gradually become popular. The TGC series transparent display screen, due to its lightness and thin body, steel frame free structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, it can be coordinated with glass curtain walls well. It seems perfect when combining with the glass curtain walls and TGC series transparent LED display brings special charm to the city due to its fashion and modern look.

Therefore, the TGC series transparent LED display has been widely welcomed in the market and has received widespread attention and preference. 

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