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What Are The Requirements for A Transparent LED Display?

What Are The Requirements for A Transparent LED Display?

Publish Time : Dec 21 2021

What is the ideal combination of architecture and glass? First of all, it should be transparent. Insufficient light or dark light will lead to a visually narrow space and a psychologically depressing environment. Besides, it should be beautiful, safe, environmentally friendly with the characteristics of artistic decoration.

With the continuous changes in the preferences, values, and technology of the new generation, these traditional functions are no longer meet the needs of the new market. There are an increasing number of people who pursue the commercial function of social entertainment, and the high-end screen does not affect the appearance and structure of the building. The transparent LED display perfectly meets these requirements. It can not only help achieve the designer's aesthetic concept and improve their competitiveness in project engineering design, but also enable multimedia functions of the building to enhance the visual impact and advertising revenue.

1. Characteristics of the transparent LED display

The thetransparent display screen is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display. It has the characteristics of 70%-90% high transparency, high definition and customise scene.

In addition, the brightness exceeds 7500Nits. The content of the radio advertisement can be clearly seen even if you are directly facing the sun. It is widely used in municipal public buildings such as curtain walls, shopping malls, airports, banks, hotels, theatres, commercial streets, landmarks.

2. What are the requirements for the transparent LED display?

(1) High definition, high transparency and integration of installation structure

The traditional LED screen is black when it is not displayed, and the effect is not good since it will be backlit outdoors or under the light. The transparent LED display does not block the view, and it has both indoor display and lighting. The irregular building keel can be perfectly matched with custom modules and integrated into the building.

(2) Lightweight and convenient transportation

It only weighs 12kg/㎡ including all the structure and power supply, which is half the weight of the traditional LED screen. So, it is more convenient for transportation.

(3) Energy-saving and environmental protection

Since it is transparent, more black backgrounds can be used in the video content of the transparent LED display so that the advertising screen is clearer and cooler. LED does not emit light on a black background, which can save more than 30% of energy than a color background. Also, it has excellent environmental adaptability, and the system can support automatic brightness adjustment and manual brightness adjustment, which can adapt to the visual effect of human eyes with the change of ambient light intensity and reduce adverse reactions. In addition, it balances user experience with environmental protection.

(4) Convenient installation and disassembly

It has a built-in power supply and integration module for quick splicing. Also, it can adopt upper and lower fixed installation or hanging installation, and there is no steel frame structure. The installation is simple and efficient. It has a minimal design, which is easy to assemble.

(5) Easy maintenance and long service life of the transparent LED display

When a single LED fails, you can replace a single LED strip and there is no need to worry about replacing the entire module. Besides, it has a low maintenance cost and long service life of more than 100,000 hours.

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