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LED lights up Hangzhou Asian Games

LED lights up Hangzhou Asian Games

Publish Time : Oct 27 2023

The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will officially open on September 23. More than 12,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia will participate in this event to showcase the charm and style of Asian sports.

This Asian Games is the largest in the history of the Asian Games, with the most events and the widest coverage. In 15 competition days, the Hangzhou Asian Games will produce as many as 481 gold medals.

In order to facilitate the normal operation of the Asian Games, a number of LED companies participated in the construction of venues and facilities for this event. They used high-quality LED display and lighting products to illuminate the Asian Games venues and capture the exciting moments of the games.

LED Display Screen, Display Control System


LEYARD participated in the construction of 5 competition areas, 20 events, and half of the competition venues of the Asian Games, providing ultra-high-definition display products and integrated audio-visual solutions for event security, organization and command, and competition venues.

Ultra-high-definition visual effects integrated solution (Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pool)

Among them, Leyard built the north and south twin tower bleacher screens and double ring screens for the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium. The new venue configuration brings a better venue experience. The total length of the upper ring of the double ring screen is about 590 meters, and the total length of the lower ring is about 490 meters. The combined area of the two ring screens exceeds 1,000 square meters.

Grandstand screen, over 1000㎡ double ring screen (Huanglong Sports Center)

In the Grand Canal Asian Games Park Stadium, Leyard has set up high-definition LED large screens on both sides of the venue, with a "funnel"-shaped central hanging screen system in the middle, which can capture wonderful moments, playback of unique shots, and live broadcast in real time during the game. Synchronization, game information broadcast, timing and score statistics and many other tasks.

High-definition LED large screen, central hanging bucket screen system (Grand Canal Asian Games Park Stadium)

It is worth noting that the Hangzhou Asian Games added e-sports and break dancing for the first time. The e-sports competition will be held at the Hangzhou E-sports Center. Leyard built 4 large screens, 4 corner screens, and a bucket screen with a total area of 202 square meters for the venue. The bucket screen in the center of the venue can be raised and lowered, and can be raised to a maximum of 22 meters above the ground, which can satisfy audiences at different locations in the venue.

4 large screens, 4 corner screens, 202 square meters square screen (Hangzhou E-sports Center)

For other venues, Leyard provides more than 200 square meters of high-definition grandstand display screens and all-round visual effects services for Linping Sports Center, more than 200 square meters of high-definition grandstand display screens and all-round visual effects services for Shangcheng Sports Center Stadium, and more than 200 square meters of high-definition grandstand display screens and all-round visual effects services for Wenzhou Sports Center. The Olympic Sports Center Stadium has built 4 ultra-high-definition grandstand screens with a total area of nearly 500 square meters...


Unilumin Technology has provided various LED display products and light display integrated solutions with a total area of 4,200 square meters for the seven major event venues and eight major event guarantee units of the Asian Games.

Among them, seven smart venues including the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium use Unilumin’s 1,500 square meters of LED displays and integrated solutions. The venues cover Hangzhou, Shaoxing and other competition areas.

The Yuhang Stadium is equipped with a huge 85-square-meter LED screen from Unilumin Technology in the center, giving the audience a high-quality viewing experience.

Yuhang Gymnasium

The Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium uses Unilumin’s 550-square-meter LED display.

Xiaoshan Sports Center

Shaoxing Olympic Sports


The LED displays built by Absen have already appeared in the Asian Games three-person basketball stadium, baseball and softball sports and cultural center, handball training hall, water polo training hall, boxing hall and other venues.

Among them, the LED score screens of baseball and softball manufacturers adopt outdoor advertising products, which have the advantages of high contrast, light and thin design, dustproof and waterproof, etc. They can display stadium information in a timely manner and provide athletes and spectators with a good participating and watching experience.

Hangzhou Asian Games Cricket Stadium

Hangzhou Asian Games Boxing Stadium

Hangzhou Asian Games three-person basketball stadium


Ledman Optoelectronics built a total of 150 square meters of Ledman ultra-high-definition large screens for the Asian Games frontline headquarters, providing strong technical support for the Asian Games' power support command. Specific products include: sliding rail welcome screen, large-size L-shaped LED display, ground LED electronic sand table, etc.

Slide welcome screen

According to reports, the L-shaped large screen is jointly presented by a large facade power visualization screen (resolution: 4480*1920) and a ground LED electronic sand table (resolution: 4480*2240). It is the power support command center of Lehman for this Asian Games. The specially built special-shaped LED display has realized real-time monitoring of power data in nearly 300 Asian Games power supply venues, including 56 competition venues and 31 training venues.

Large size L-shaped LED display


In order to welcome the arrival of delegations from various countries, Uniview has installed 4 Uniview P6 outdoor LED display units with a total area of 1,000 square meters at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan S4 Airport Express Toll Station. The product has clear display, flexible splicing, stability, reliability, and high protection features.

Xiaoshan S4 Airport Express Toll Station

Novastar Cloud System

Nova Nebula exclusively supplies video display and control systems for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games. It is reported that Nova Nebula, following the "Beijing Winter Olympics", once again highlighted the "Hangzhou Asian Games", providing exclusive full-link video display and control system solutions for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, assisting 24K super ground screens and surround screens. Wonderful bloom.
At the same time, Nova Nebula provides full-link control systems for more than 30 sports venues, core information command centers, and main media centers of the Hangzhou Asian Games to facilitate exciting events, smart Asian Games, and witness championship moments; in addition, Nova also provides various Outdoor 8K game viewing giant screens, naked-eye 3D screens, urban traffic screens, urban landscape screens, etc. provide display control and material support to help deliver the wonderful Asian Games.

LED Lighting

The exterior of the Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball (Softball) Sports and Culture Center uses a four-in-one RGBW LED new light source with low power, high light efficiency, long life, small size, and low energy consumption. It can produce all-white light series and various Colored light.

Asian Games Baseball (Softball) Sports and Culture Center (Source: Hangzhou Landscaping Industry Association)

The Asian Games training center uses wireless dedicated Internet + intelligent lighting control system. The entire venue can realize the performance of multiple different themes in large-scale projects according to the preset time-brightness curve, overall large-scale effect segmentation, overall linkage of project effects, and rapid remote control. Data
distribution, remote fault feedback and unified management of remote projects.

Asian Games Training Center (Source: Hangzhou Landscaping Industry Association)


A total of 592 sets of Philips LED professional sports lighting fixtures are used in the main stadium of the Olympic Sports Center, and are specially configured with the Interact intelligent interconnected lighting system to meet the lighting needs of professional events and at the same time present wonderful light shows.

Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium

Tiancheng Hi-Tech

Tiancheng Hi-Tech's LED light sources are mainly used on the outer edges of the Asian Games venues, adding brilliance to each venue through colorful lights, while saving energy consumption and improving the appearance.

Asian Games Stadiums

Asian Games Stadiums

Hua Pu Sun Life

As an outdoor high-power LED lighting company, Huapu Sunlife has provided nearly 50,000 LED lamps for Asian Games support projects such as energy-saving upgrades and renovations of street lamps in the main urban area of Hangzhou, Qiantang New District, and Linping District. Huapu Sunlife also provided more than a thousand sets of LED high pole lights for Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, achieving an energy saving rate of 58%; it also provided customized LED street lights for the roads around Hangzhou East Railway Station, with an energy saving efficiency of over 70%.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Tailong shares

Tailong Co., Ltd. provides high-definition, high-brightness, and energy-saving patented LED light pole screens, which are used in the Asian Games main venue in Hangzhou and Wenzhou and other branch venues.

Among them, 296 multi-functional smart poles at the main venue in Hangzhou integrate smart lighting, security monitoring, smart WiFi, 5G micro base stations, public broadcasting and other functions.

Hangzhou Main Venue


Eight lifting light poles have been erected at the Wenzhou Sports Center Stadium, each of which is 53 meters high and weighs 19 tons. A total of 296 sets of Masco LED1500W professional sports lighting fixtures are used in the 8 light poles. Through the intelligent dimming system equipped in the venue, the lamps can switch lights with one click. While meeting the high-definition broadcast requirements of the Asian Games, it also takes into account the multi-mode needs of other comprehensive events and national fitness 

Wenzhou Sports Center

Huayi Lighting

Huayi Lighting provided professional outdoor landscape lighting solutions for the third Asian Games venue. Through smart lighting technology, it integrates "culture + technology + sports" content, allowing LED lighting to provide high-quality public services, reduce costs and achieve sustainability. Development and other aspects have played a role in ensuring the stability of the Asian Games.

Asian Games Hall 3

Yajiang Optoelectronics

As a supplier of architectural lighting products, Yajiang Optoelectronics undertook the lighting work of the Olympic Sports Center building complex and related main venues of the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Among them, Yajiang Optoelectronics provided hundreds of ARCTIK? Colorful Floodlight 300 high-power LED floodlights for the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center to illuminate the facade.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center

Ke Xun Lighting

KeXun Lighting, a supplier of LED engineering and home office lighting, provided a series of lamps without main lights for the Asian Games mascot exhibition hall. It used the main light design concept to arrange the exhibition hall lighting to make the Asian Games mascots more vivid.

Asian Games Mascot Exhibition Hall

Taiyi fire protection

Zhejiang Taiyi Fire Protection focuses on the research, development and application of "intelligent fire protection integrated solutions". Taiyi Fire Protection installed 30,000 sets of fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems for 10 Asian Games competition venues, including the swimming pool, training hall, and tennis center of the Asian Games Olympic Sports Center.

Each set of terminal lamps uses high-brightness, low-power consumption, long-life LED light sources, integrates special communication modules, and carries out intelligent control through its self-developed control system and unique algorithms to ensure the safe holding of the Asian Games.

Smart fire protection integrated solution (source: released by Jiaxing)

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