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Small-pitch LED Transparent Screen Products Enter the Stage of Market Competition

Small-pitch LED Transparent Screen Products Enter the Stage of Market Competition

Publish Time : Jul 01 2022

With the rapid development of the professionalism of transparent LED displays, the dot pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and LED transparent screens with high relative density have become an industry trend. Prices are getting lower and lower. The price per square meter of display area is compared with that of DLP and LCD products. The competitive advantage has just begun to show, and the Chinese LED transparent screen market will increase again in the next five years.

1. Small-pitch transparent display screens may become a market development trend

In 2017, the transparent display screen just became popular, and the market developed rapidly. Nowadays, the dot pitch of transparent screen products is basically in the middle of P3-P10. Some professionals feel that the dot pitch of products will be further reduced and develop in the direction of "small pitch".

Various manufacturers are rushing to the research, production, promotion and marketing of small-pitch products, and small-pitch transparent LED display products have also entered the stage of market competition, striving to design and develop higher-definition products to improve product market competitiveness and gain professionalism Recognition has also become one of the choices of manufacturers, which also promotes the development of transparent LED displays in the direction of ultra-fine pitch.

In addition, stimulated by the improvement of indoor display application regulations and small-pitch products occupying part of the large-screen splicing market, the industry expects that transparent screen products with smaller pitches will have a larger cake in the field of indoor display, which is also certain It has promoted the research and development of small-pitch LED transparent screen products on a level.

2. The visual impact of transparent LED displays is upgraded to promote new markets

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more perfectionists for visual impact, and they also promote the continuous innovation of LED transparent screens in appearance and display methods. Unlike the basic LED display, the transparent LED display can guarantee a crystal clear rate of 80%, and its appreciation is expected to be very good, so it has become the new darling of the high-end market.

The combination of LED transparent screen and 3D holographic projection can be called a combined display method of virtual and reality, which can better illustrate everyone's persistent perfection of visual impact. In addition, the development trend of 3D, VR, etc. being applied to LED transparent screens has further developed the application field of transparent LED display screens.

3. The interactive communication and communication intelligent system of transparent LED display screen stipulates the diversity of functions

In the past, the commercial application of LED transparent screens was mostly used in outdoor advertisements and performance stage displays of long-distance and extra-large screens. Mere display functions are increasingly unable to take into account market regulations.

At present, the rapid development of digital management, intelligent systems and touch display machinery and equipment, LED transparent screen data information advertising must have more powerful interactive communication functions, in order to take into account personal preferences and strengthen further understanding of the product. On the one hand, compared with liquid crystal displays, LED transparent screens have obvious defects in interactive communication and communication, and it is necessary to improve this barrier as much as possible to gain wider recognition.

In addition, the explosion of intelligent equipment has just begun to cause relative harm to everyone's daily life and business activities, which has also prompted manufacturers to start product development to make face recognition, gesture controllers and other intelligent factor combined with the transparent LED display.

Under the development trend of professional continuous independent innovation, price fluctuation and irreversible market, the application of LED transparent screen will be more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all areas of people's daily life. Under the impetus here, the LED transparent screen industry will obtain many development breakthroughs and maintain a major news development trend of vigorous and upward development.

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