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How to Judge the Quality of Transparent LED Display?

How to Judge the Quality of Transparent LED Display?

Publish Time : Aug 09 2021

The transparent LED display has attracted the market's favor because of its light weight, high transparency, low energy consumption, and its own layered visual effects. How to judge the quality of the LED transparent screen? Some people say that the quality of the cabinet can be roughly judged by the appearance. Is that true?

1. Brightness contrast of transparent LED display

Place the acrylic board close to the same number of modules, and then slowly raise a small distance, then watch whether the brightness of the lamp beads can meet your requirements. Of course, it is more direct to put the module directly in the word. The higher the brightness, the higher the requirements for the lamp beads, and the higher the cost.

Use low-brightness for pure indoor environment. But if it is a window transparent display screen or an LED glass curtain wall screen, then a high-brightness LED transparent screen is required.

2. While watching the brightness of the transparent display screen, pay attention to whether the light of the lamp beads is even.

When observing the white light, be sure to pay attention to whether there is any chromatic aberration (this is quite important). If it is covered with a thin white paper, it may not be observed, so use a certain thickness of acrylic. The presence or absence of color difference is the most important part of distinguishing good quality from bad, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of transparent LED display screens.

3. Wire identification of transparent LED display

The high-quality wire has passed the UL certification. Passing this certification does not mean that the LED transparent display manufacturer is reliable. So the most direct way is to remove the outer skin and count the number of cores inside. Modules with 15, 17, 19 cores or even 20, 30 multi-core wires should be better than 14, 11-core modules.

4. The lamp bead temperature of the transparent LED display

After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED lamp bead with your hand, the temperature is very high or even hot, it is certainly not as stable as the low temperature.

5. Solder joint quality of transparent display screen

The full solder joints prove that the soldering process is good, and the high brightness proves that the solder used is good. The most serious is the weak welding, especially for the large LED advertising screens, if there is poor contact, follow-up maintenance will be very troublesome.

6. The way of sticking to the transparent display screen

There are currently two production methods for LED transparent screens: one is positive light-emitting and the other is side light-emitting. Although the side-emitting light has a relatively high transmittance, the light-emitting lamp bead is the lamp bead of the traditional LED display. After market inspection, the quality is very stable.

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