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Factors Affecting the Price of Transparent LED Display

Factors Affecting the Price of Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Feb 18 2022

With the development of LED transparent display screen technology, many companies have widely used it in major fields such as commercial advertisement display and rental activity display. However, in order to solve the trouble caused by the image problem of the LED display, the key feature is high transparency, which does not block the line of sight, and does not affect the overall appearance and stereoscopic 3D display effect.

In addition, LED transparent display screens can be installed indoors for product display in brick-and-mortar stores, attracting attention through three-dimensional effects. This is different from the traditional LED display in the new circuit design of the transparent liquid crystal display, and the heat dissipation is better. How much is the transparent LED display per square meter? What are the factors that affect the price of transparent display screens?

Ⅰ. The price per square meter of transparent LED display

1. LED transparent screen accounts for about 60%, mainly including power supply, power cord, box, cable and other accessories. In addition, the pixels, power, size, dots, and spacing of transparent screen lamp beads are different, so the prices are also different.

2. The main supporting equipment accessories of the transparent LED display are computers, power distribution cabinets, and video processors (optional).

3. In terms of engineering, transparent LED display has screen structure, wiring, installation and debugging, etc.

4. Small costs such as logistics costs, control cards, packaging costs.

Ⅱ. The factors that affect the price of transparent LED display

1. Don't just learn about price when choosing a transparent display screen

Among many factors, price is often an important factor leading to the sales of LED transparent display screen. However, everyone understands that you get what you pay for. But before choosing, many people still tend to choose things with low price, and the product quality is often ignored in the huge price difference.

In the process of using low-cost and low-quality transparent LED displays, the probability of poor contact, dead lights, and short circuits is greatly increased, and after-sales problems still exist, which is very time-consuming.

2. The same model is not necessarily the same product

During the sale of transparent LED displays, customers will find displays of the same model. Why is your price more expensive than others'?

LEDFUL transparent LED display uses Nationstar lamp beads and high-end Huayun wide voltage power supply, and the quality of products and materials is reliable. If other suppliers provide low-cost transparent LED displays, it is more likely to use inferior materials. Using an unknown brand of lamp beads will lead to color casts and dead lamps, and the service life will be greatly reduced. An unknown power supply and power efficiency will be used.

3. The higher the parameter value of technical specification the better

Many customers will compare the prices and technical parameters of several transparent LED displays, and become winners and losers in terms of technical parameters, because customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display screen.

For example, if the brightness is too high, it will be dazzling and affect the viewing. In terms of service life, if the brightness is too high, it is easy to overdraw the service life of the transparent screen in advance. So reasonable brightness is the right solution. It's not that the higher the brightness the better. And high-bright models are generally much more expensive. We must choose reasonable products according to the actual use environment and purpose.

4. The production and inspection of transparent LED display cannot be ignored

Many customers who buy LED transparent screens must get the goods when they place an order, which is actually wrong. After the LED transparent screen production is completed, we need at least 48 hours of burn-in and light test to check the color shift and dead light to make sure the problem solved before shipment.

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