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Application of Transparent LED Display Screens in the Market

Application of Transparent LED Display Screens in the Market

Publish Time : Apr 17 2023

Transparent LED displays are mainly used in venues such as airports, franchise stores, shopping malls, corporate exhibition halls, technology exhibition halls, and media advertising. They can have the excellent effect of promoting advertising and increasing product sales, creating a new practical effect of trendsetting. Their application scope is widespread and can be used wherever there is curtain wall glass.

Transparent LED displays for stage design

Transparent LED displays can be built diversely based on the stage design, with multi-layered suspension of display screens showing the overall 3D stage structure. Its transparency, lightness, and brilliant features create a strong perspective effect, lengthening the depth of the entire interface.

Moreover, it does not obstruct the stage design scheme and uses the suspension of the lighting effects and full use of indoor space to give a certain atmosphere and cool style to the entire 3D rendering of the stage, highlighting the theme style.

Transparent LED displays used in shopping malls

The integration of transparent LED displays and metal material design has high light transparent rate, high stability, and long service life with a success rate of 80%. After installation, it does not harm the original building design style or lighting. The product design has a layered feeling, making it the preferred choice for modern architecture advertising lighting projects. Its widespread use prospects include curtain wall glass, shopping malls, glass partitions, etc.

Transparent LED displays used in franchise stores

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, the pursuit of humanization has become a key trend of individuality. Transparent LED display screens are rapidly developing with various specifications and shapes. They are highly personalized design schemes and are the main choice for many customers in display screen design schemes.

Only highly personalized store brand images can attract customers, increase pedestrian traffic, and use different design techniques to let transparent LED displays replace traditional store walls and LED brilliant display screens. Advertising films played on the advertising LED display panel replace traditional creative advertising and make all stores extremely cool, pleasing to customers' eyes.

Transparent LED displays used in technology exhibition halls

Technology exhibition halls are the key places for disseminating professional knowledge of science information. With the increasing demand of people's experience of multimedia system visual effects, various science museums are also continuously upgrading their technology. Transparent LED displays can be customized to display new technology effects, and viewers can use them to understand the wonders and mysteries of high-tech.

Transparent LED displays used in glass showcases

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the manufacturing industry represented by vertical touch integrated machines, transparent LED displays have also undergone a revolutionary transformation for retailers. Their high transparency rate does not adversely affect building lighting and they are lightweight, wind-resistant and easy to install. The transparent glass LED screen can be customized to complete various irregular shapes and specifications, making them increasingly popular in industries such as building facades, glass showcase decoration design, and interior decoration.

Transparent LED displays used in architectural news media

The use of buildings as media for information transmission is generally called "multimedia system building facades". With the trend of optoelectronic technology such as LED, the technicality of multimedia system building facades has also made significant progress and has slowly become favored by the sales market in recent years. It offers various solutions, especially in the application of curtain wall glass buildings. A new type of transparent LED display is lightweight, thin and high-transparency, possessing significant technical advantages in the architectural news media industry.

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