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Is the Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Clearer?

Is the Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Clearer?

Publish Time : Aug 12 2020

Small pixel pitch led display is a kind of indoor LED display with small LED point spacing. This type of indoor LED display is more advanced and reliable because of the pixel point control technology, which can better improve the brightness, reducibility and unity of the display screen. So it can be said that the small pixel spacing LED display has a higher use value, and the high-quality and durable small pixel spacing LED display has obvious advantages. So, is the small pixel pitch led display clearer?

The integrity of display pixels of small pixel pitch led display is higher: at present, the indoor middle and high-end display market is still dominated by DLP rear projection display, but due to some natural defects of DLP technology, it is unable to eliminate the 1mm gap between display units, so each display unit will swallow up one display pixel during splicing, so that the display pixels are incomplete. However, the high-quality small pixel pitch led display manufacturer can make up for this defect, and ensure that each display unit has a complete display pixel.

Small pixel pitch led display is indoor LED display screen with pixel spacing of p2.5 and below. With the characteristics of seamless seam, excellent color performance and low energy consumption, the small spacing LED display can meet the demand of high-end indoor application fields such as command and dispatching center, command and control center, radio and television studio, meteorological information center, etc., which have higher requirements for picture quality.

The higher the integrity of the image color pixels displayed on the display screen, the richer the expressive power of the image, and the better the color of the image, the higher the appreciation effect. Therefore, the professional and reliable small spacing LED display screen has a broader development prospect than the traditional display screen.

Color performance of small pixel pitch led display is better: due to the difference between the display units of DLP rear projection display, it is difficult to control the display color and brightness uniformity of the whole display screen, and the unit difference will become more and more obvious with the increase of use time. However, due to the pixel level point control technology, the professional small pixel spacing LED display has a high degree of unity in the color display of the display unit, so it can make the color performance of the screen more superior.

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