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Development Trend of Outdoor Transparent LED Display Technology

Development Trend of Outdoor Transparent LED Display Technology

Publish Time : Mar 17 2023

Introduction to transparent LED display

A transparent LED screen is a type of LED display that has the properties of allowing light to pass through it, just like glass. The implementation principle of an outdoor transparent LED display is based on slight innovations to the existing lighting bar screen, improvements made specifically to chip manufacturing processes, light bulb packaging, and control systems, along with a hollowed-out structural design, minimizing obstruction of vision by structural components and maximizing the transparency effect.

The main control box obtains the brightness data of each pixel from the computer's display card, then redistributes it to several scanning boards. Each scanning board is responsible for controlling several rows (columns) of LEDs on the LED screen, and the display control signal of each row (column) of LEDs is transmitted in a serial manner.

Trends in the transparent LED display industry

Currently, there are several methods of manipulating data signals to display information using serial transmission: this is a method that uses a scanner on the board to control each pixel's true color. The scanner board melts (meaning pulse width modulation) the grayscale values of pixels that come from the control cabinet, then turns on (illuminates to 1) or not (remains off at 0) by sending a single pulse of data signal to the relative LED. Although this method utilizes fewer devices, the amount of data transmitted through serial transmission is significant; every pixel requires 16 pulses of 256 different grayscales during the repeating illumination period.

Although price wars have caused enormous stimulation to consumers, it also has a significant negative impact. Currently, price wars in the transparent LED display industry have entered a vicious cycle of competition—more harm than good, and undoubtedly overdoing the future.

In reality, competition between transparent LED display enterprises manifests in various forms. In addition to price wars, there are brand competition, quality competition, service competition, product diversity competition, technological competition, and other types of competition. To establish a foothold in a fiercely competitive market, seek long-term development, and rely on price competition alone is not feasible. A balance needs to be struck between the pricing of products and the quality, especially in light of the efforts being made to achieve better technology, design, and features. Therefore, it is pertinent to consider other factors besides the advertising display screen price when making a purchase, such as quality and support services, which are equally important. By adopting a long-term and comprehensive strategy, manufacturers and advertisers will be better equipped to deliver better quality products and services in a more sustainable manner, increasing their chances of success in the industry.

In recent years, increasingly sophisticated terminal customers have brought many challenges to transparent LED display enterprises and manufacturers of innovative products, especially in the context of increasingly open prices and continuously rising manufacturing costs of the transparent glass LED screen. Screenable companies can only continue to innovate the value of the product, and its variety and the perfection of service projects compared to other goods competitiveness.

The LED equipment accounts for 70% of the price of LED displays, therefore LED display equipment should be consistent with LED flash screens in quality. In China, LED mechanical equipment production is strong, and it is also a center for LED screen manufacturing. The low technical requirements for outdoor transparent LED displays are the future development trend.

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