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LED Transparent Glass Screen Has Advantages of Traditional LED Displays!

LED Transparent Glass Screen Has Advantages of Traditional LED Displays!

Publish Time : Jan 25 2023

Transparent LED glass screens retain the advantages of traditional LED glass screens, such as easy control, low voltage DC drive, rich colors, and long service life. Due to its unique advantages on glass screen walls, it is widely used in city lighting projects and large screen display systems. It can also be used as indoor displays, widely used in large square lighting, stage layout, bars, high-end dance halls, city landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, hotels, banks, brand chain stores, etc. It has the practicality of LED glass screens as well as a certain degree of aesthetic concealment.

According to statistics, the total area of modern glass curtain walls in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas. Such a huge glass curtain wall is a huge outdoor media advertising market. The value of this market has not been fully developed. In the outdoor advertising resources of cities, glass curtain walls are a new blue ocean. Transparent directional display has opened up a new application field, with broad market prospects, especially in the field of building media, to meet new market demands and successfully launch high-quality outdoor media resources.

High stability of transparent LED glass screens

Transparent LED glass screens break the industry barrier. The screen only needs to manually insert the barrier to achieve automatic pipe lighting, greatly reducing product delivery and improving product quality. Small solder joints, small errors, and fast delivery.

Variability of transparent LED glass screens

The screen can be any shape, such as cylindrical, cylindrical, spherical, S-shaped, etc.

The LED transparent screen can achieve a ventilation rate of 95%, and the horizontal direction is the widest 2 meters without skeleton. The screen body is almost invisible. After the screen is installed, the indoor environment light is hardly affected.

Indoor p3.91 can achieve the minimum distance transparent screen. High definition brings better visual enjoyment.

High permeability of transparent LED glass screens

Outdoor use of leading transparent screens fills the industry gap. Outdoor transparent screens still have high permeability and combined with a non-back cover design, ventilation is very good. When installed on high-rise walls, there is no need to worry about its wind resistance.

Transparent LED glass screens are less dependent and safer

Traditional LED glass screens must be attached to the glass, and screens cannot be installed where there is no glass. Moreover, due to the aging of adhesives, the use of screens may cause aging of mold assembly units to fall off, causing safety risks. Leading transparent screens can exist independently, no longer relying on glass, and achieving more creative possibilities.

Transparent LED glass screens have unique circuit design, low power consumption. And excellent ventilation performance allows the screen to completely abandon air conditioning, fans, and other cooling equipment for natural ventilation and cooling. At the same time, it saves a lot of investment and follows up on air conditioning cost input.

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2015-2023 LEDFUL
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