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Principle and Characteristics of Transparent LED Glass Screen

Principle and Characteristics of Transparent LED Glass Screen

Publish Time : May 04 2023

With the continuous development of technology, LED transparent glass screen has gained market popularity due to its high transparency and high light transmittance. What is LED transparent glass screen? What is its display principle? What are its characteristics?

Principle of transparent LED glass screen

The key point of transparent glass LED screen is transparency. Through its special materials, unique structure, and installation methods, it has a transparency rate of 60%-90%. The light can pass through the screen without forming an image, making it seem as if there is nothing there, preserving the original beauty of the building. When an image is formed, the picture seems to appear on the glass, creating a unique artistic effect.

The principle of transparent LED glass screen is a micro-innovation of LED strip screen. The chip manufacturing process, LED packaging, and control system have been specifically improved. A hollow design is used to reduce the obstruction of structural components to vision, increasing transparency and light transmittance.

Characteristics of transparent LED glass screen

  • High transparency: transparency of more than 60%;

  • High definition: high pixel density, resolution up to 1080P;

  • High refresh rate: refresh rate reaches ≥1920HZ;

  • High gray level: the depth of the gray level can reach 14-16bits;

  • Ultra-wide viewing angle: horizontal viewing angle can reach 120 degrees, and vertical viewing angle can reach 120 degrees;

  • Energy-saving: high integrated circuit design, ultra-low power consumption, 50% lower than traditional displays;

  • Seamless splicing: high-precision equipment processing, good flatness, accurate size, achieving true seamless splicing;

  • High contrast: contrast of up to 5000:1;

  • Adjustable brightness: wide range of brightness adjustment, can meet the needs of various environments;

  • Intelligent: wireless connection with mobile phones and tablets, multiple interactions of videos, images, and text;

  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light: made of aluminum profiles, with ultra-thin design, and a weight of only 16kg/m²;

  • Simple installation and maintenance: modular box splicing installation, simple and convenient maintenance, and LED strips can be taken out directly from the front;

  • Extremely quiet: ultra-quiet power supply, with negligible noise.

LED transparent glass screen P3.91-7.82, using standardized 1000*500 cabinets, can be applied to industries such as advertising, bars, airports, stations, ports, sports halls, banks, schools, factories, telecommunications, shopping malls, hospitals, industry and commerce, taxes, customs, monitoring centers, and command centers.

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