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What Are the Display Advantages of Transparent LED Screen?

What Are the Display Advantages of Transparent LED Screen?

Publish Time : Oct 20 2022

With the rapid development of urban buildings, the led transparent LED screen is light and thin, does not require other steel frame structures, is easy to install and maintain, has good penetrating vision, and can be said to be a good glass curtain wall display. This transparent LED screen display is to guide the display screen to have the same light performance as glass. The principle of its realization is the micro innovation of the light screen, which improves the production process of the patch, the packaging and the control system of the light.

Ⅰ. The application of transparent LED screen

The led transparent screen not only does not violate the sense of application, but also reflects its fashion and beauty, and is also full of modernity and technology. LED transparent screens are currently based on glass screen wall displays. It displays advertising videos on a transparent screen, which can greatly attract passengers' attention, thereby enhancing brand image and product appeal.

It can boost sales, so transparent LED display is one of the most popular Led display products in the market. Mainly used in commercial complexes, shopping centers, 4S stores, display windows, glass curtain wall engineering and other fields.

Ⅱ. The advantages of transparent LED screen

1. High transmittance and high transmittance: the transparent screen can reach 65%-90%, the thickness of each light guide light is only 2mm, and the light spacing produces a transparent effect. It is generally installed inside the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings, and the outdoor display is installed indoors, completely breaking the application limitations of traditional leading displays on glass.

2. Simple structure and light weight: The LED bright screen adopts a hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display, its structure is more flexible. The size of the box is determined in combination with the specific size of the glass, so as to better adapt to the glass curtain wall and reduce the size of the box. Small bearing pressure.

3. Fast installation and easy maintenance: The transparent display has flexible structure, light weight and fast installation. When the conductive lamp is damaged, it is only necessary to replace the single strip and light strip, without replacing the entire module, maintaining the room, with high efficiency and low cost.

Ⅲ. Transparent LED screens in 4 application environments

1. Building screen wall: The traction transparent screen will be connected to the glass keel and combined with the glass curtain wall to achieve good advertising effects.

2. Space design: The traction transparent screen can be customized in different shapes to meet different space needs and achieve space beautification effects.

3. Exhibits: Various exhibits, such as auto exhibitions, conferences, etc., all use transparent display screens to promote products in all directions.

4. Window display: The transparent advertising machine can play a good commercial role in hanging on the window.

At present, transparent LED screens have opened up a new application scenario in the sales market, and still have broad market prospects. In terms of industry, adapting to new market trends is a new type of outdoor media resource. LED transparent screens are used in urban buildings, airports, exhibition halls, financial institutions and brand chain stores including glass windows, which have good advertising value.

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