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DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is the tendency and future of Advertising and Media business. Because location benefits, content creativity, omnichannel advertising, offline personalization, higher audience engagement, better ROI (Return On Investment), all benefits with DOOH will make your advertising products advantages attractive. LEDFUL's LED Display with OF series, FS series, TGC series, ST series are the proper solution for the media market.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising Led Display

LED display plays an increasingly important role in the field of digital media. Compared with traditional billboards, outdoor LED display is more colorful and eye-catching.

Outdoor LED display has bright colors, clear images and high brightness, making it the best carrier for advertising. With strong visual impact, advertising display always leave a deep impression on viewers.

Outdoor LED display can meet most of the advertising content and format, there are a variety of perfect control solutions, LED screen has been a great choice for outdoor billboards.

1) Outdoor LED display can be made in different sizes and shapes with Highly Customized.

2) High Brightness, even to face the brigt sunlight directly, LED display also has a brilliant performance.

3) Common cathode Energy Saving Solution, which can save a lot of electric energy.

4) Long Service Life up to 100,000 hours

5) Wider viewing Angle, 140° even more

6) Factory price, High cost-effective, 3-year warranty

Control System

LEDFUL has entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership with Novastar Control System Provider company. LEDFUL is entitled to sell all Novastar products. On our official website, we have the cloud control platform authorized and helped to build by Novastar.

The control system can be divided into synchronous control, asynchronous control, cloud control and video processor four ways.

Synchronous Control Solution

Scope of use: usually suitable for normal indoor and outdoor advertise LED screen
Control way: Use Viplex-Express software to control the screen
Tools to use: laptop, PC
Advantages: Can play real-time programs like live show, live football game, etc.

Asynchronous Control System

Scope of use: usually suitable for normal indoor and outdoor advertise LED screen
Control way: Use Viplex-Express software or Viplex-Handy APP to control the screen
Tools: laptop, IPAD, Phone
Advantages: Wireless control

Cloud Control Solution

Application scope: usually suitable for the screens that requires remote control or cluster control
Control way: Control through cloud control platform
Tools: PC, laptop, IPAD, Phone
Advantages: Remote control, cluster control

Video processor solution

Scope of use: generally used for rental screen, or high resolution indoor small pitch LED screen, or normal commercial indoor / outdoor screens with higher display requirements
Control way: Viplex-Express software or video processor direct control
Tools: PC, laptop, video processor
Advantages: multi-function integrated, can be used with other equipments such as camera, sound system, etc.

According to your specific requirements, we LEDFUL can provide you the most suitable intelligent control scheme.

Application of Outdoor Advertising Led Screen

By exploiting the urban cultural genes and the characteristics of the project itself, LEDFUL creates a complex place-new commercial complex combining culture, art and scene experience through acousto-optical technology. The solution integrates LEDFUL's internal LED display + creative display + signage + landscape lighting + control system + design and construction and other business systems as well as the external ecology, and provides customization for application scenarios such as the interior space, exterior wall and plaza space of commercial complexes The overall solution for chemical light display applications.

With the rapid development of LED display technology and the decline of procurement costs, outdoor billboards have become the preferred media solution for brand promotion and advertising. The following are the incomparable advantages of outdoor LED display compared to traditional print advertising:

Rich and diverse advertising content

Any advertising can be done on a digital display to provide a wider view of the image and video. The best part about the LED display is that it can display different pieces of content at the same time. The commercial value of this ad slot can be significantly maximized.

Digital billboards reach wider audience

 Digital advertisements on outdoor LED displays are easier to see and attract potential customers. The high brightness and bright colors of the LED display make the content better, leave a strong visual impact, and become an important source of brand promotion.

Intelligent advertising management platform

Dozens or hundreds of ads can be run automatically on the screen with integrated screen management software, advanced ad management provides runtime feasibility and other factors that greatly speed up ad performance.Durable  Advanced LED technology allows billboards to last over 100,000 hours, they can withstand any harsh air and have excellent stability.

LEDFUL has a very comprehensive line of outdoor commercial advertising products, from V-shaped to curved and many other customization options.

2015-2024 LEDFUL
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