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Why is the Price of LED Transparent Screen Higher Than Conventional Display?

Why is the Price of LED Transparent Screen Higher Than Conventional Display?

Publish Time : Feb 11 2022

With the development of LED display, the application fields are getting wider and wider. Although the clarity, service life and environmental adaptability of conventional LED displays are constantly improving, the price is decreasing year by year. New manufacturers in the whole industry continue to join in to form vicious price competition, and high-value transparent LED displays appear.

Ⅰ. Why is the price of transparent LED display higher than conventional LED display

1. Transparent LED display is a new type of product. Its biggest feature is transparency, which is unmatched by conventional LED displays. It can play more transparent and cool animations and advertisements.

Moreover, in the fields of glass curtain wall, glass window, indoor atrium, etc., LED transparent display screen must generally be used, because the bearing capacity of the wall structure in these fields is not high, and the conventional screen is too heavy, which will cause a burden on the wall structure. But the LED transparent screen does not have to worry too much about this problem.

2. There are many customized products for transparent LED display. The LED transparent screen project is aimed at middle and high-end customer groups. The screen structure caused by the project is different and not suitable for other projects. It is impossible to reserve a large amount of standard product inventory, but there are usually projects before product design and production. Therefore, the cost and consumption are higher, and the price cannot be lowered.

Ⅱ. Main components of LED transparent display screen

The core components of the LED transparent screen include LED lamp beads, driver chips and PCB. Once production is integrated, it cannot be replaced. Other components such as power supply, control system, wiring, structure can be replaced.

If any one of the three components has serious quality problems, it means that the entire LED transparent screen is not a qualified product, and there will be various quality risks. Problems such as dead lights, black lights, and display chromatic aberration can also cause serious burnout of the screen.

Ⅲ. Distinguish the quality of LED transparent display screen materials

The main quality difference of LED transparent screen is the choice of raw materials, such as PCB, lamp bead model, IC, power supply. LEDFUL transparent LED display adopts 4-layer PCB board to ensure stability. LEDFUL transparent LED display adopts National Star lamp beads to reduce the problem of dead lights and light decay. LEDFUL transparent LED display adopts ultra-thin frame to ensure the transparency of transparent LED display.

Another way to identify the material of the transparent display screen is to directly watch the display effect of the LED transparent screen when the user inspects the goods, and purchase the satisfactory product by comparing the display effect. If the effect is not good, the user can take a sample and send it to the designated supplier to determine whether the LED transparent screen material is purchased according to the contract requirements.

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