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Front magnet Front Open Double Sided Front Installation

Back service is a mainly common method for outdoor LED screens. But what should we do with a limited space? Here LEDFUL provide front service / front maintenance solution for your special LED display projects.

1)Easy maintenance: Directly maintain the modules, receiver cards and power supplies from front side.
2)Thinner Structure: Beautiful appearance with steel structure only 20cm or thinner (back service 50~70cm).

Solutions (front magnet/front open/front gear/front screws)

1)Front Magnet - Directly attach magnet LED modules to cabinet or steel structure
Hollow Carved Magnet Design--Enhance stability and flatness

2)Front Gear - Maintain with front service tool

3)Front Open - Open the cover cabinet for maintenance

Strong gas struts hold the cover cabinet

4)Front Screws - Remove 16 screws on the module

5)Double Sided LED Display
With front service solution, double sided or three sided LED display is not a problem any more.

LEDFUL provide professional one-stop solution for your special demands. If have any LED display inquiries, please contact us by email at LEDFUL.Katri@LEDFUL.com, or by phone/WhatsApp/WeChat at +86 18770229137. LEDFUL take care of every details of your projects!

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