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A Brief Analysis of the Performance of Transparent Display Screen

A Brief Analysis of the Performance of Transparent Display Screen

Publish Time : Aug 16 2021

As the development trend of the terminal display industry in the 21st century, the transparent LED display is the most advanced high-tech display product in the world. The LED display has the characteristics of bright and beautiful pictures and three-dimensional high-definition. And after a long time of operation, the light source can still be stable as usual, making LED display screens widely used in transportation, broadcasting and television media, construction markets, shopping malls, docks, airports and other places.

1. Environmental protection of transparent LED display

Since transparent display screens have been put into use on the market, they have been valued for their energy-saving and environmentally-friendly application functions. Compared with traditional lighting equipment products, the energy-saving advantages of LED displays are still quite prominent.

Therefore, in this era, 90% of the light sources in lighting products are LED light sources. LED light sources have a tendency to replace traditional lighting sources. As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, LED light sources have attracted the attention of users.

However, since the luminescent materials used in the transparent display are energy-saving products, the area of the outdoor LED display is relatively large. Due to the call of the World Energy Organization and the long-term development of the industry, manufacturers have launched more energy-efficient outdoor LED display products. And its power consumption has also been greatly improved compared to the previous display. Today's transparent LED display also has a method that can automatically adjust the brightness to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

2. Brightness adaptability of transparent LED display

Because the brightness adaptability of the environment at different times and locations is different, if the playing brightness of the outdoor LED display is too much greater than the environment, it will cause people's eyes to be uncomfortable. In particular, the brightness difference between day and night is relatively large, which is more likely to cause light pollution and make people's eyes uncomfortable. Therefore, in response to this problem, the improved transparent display screen has an automatic light source adjustment system, so that the brightness of the light source can be automatically converted according to the brightness of the environment and the adaptability of the light source under different environments. Brightness, while avoiding light pollution.

Nowadays, with the continuous construction and development of the city, the outdoor transparent LED display has become a new carrier of media advertising, and it has also been used in more and more applications. And the flexible and diverse LED display advertising display also brought certain help to the promotion of the city's image.

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