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Introduction to LED Display OOH

Introduction to LED Display OOH

Publish Time : Mar 28 2019

LED display OOH is very popular in the market, especially in the advertising media industry. Outdoor full-color LED display is an ideal substitute for canvas advertisement and light box advertisement. It has incomparable advantages compared with traditional advertising media. It has the characteristics of high quality, high stability, high brightness, high gray level, high contrast, large angle of view, uniformity and so on. It is precisely because of this that LED display OOH is so popular in the market.

1. Innate advantages

Generally speaking, the larger the area of outdoor advertising, the more eye-catching. LED display can be spliced arbitrarily, so compared with the traditional LCD, DLP, the area is larger, the perspective is wider, and therefore more eye-catching, visual impact is stronger.

In addition to the advantages of large screen and LED display OOH, resolution can achieve high-definition picture quality, rich and gorgeous color, with higher and higher exquisite degree. As a collection of acousto-optic, besides playing pictures in turn, LED display can also receive a variety of signal transmission, real-time TV broadcast and dynamic video play, further catering to the audience's interest.

2. Wide coverage and high audience fit

The LED display OOH has the advantages of large area, wide viewing angle, reasonable visual distance and unique space advantages. LED display screen has a relatively wide, stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to brand, product information coverage and effective transmission.

According to the report, most of the information audiences of LED display screen have the characteristics of young, highly educated and high income. Considering the cost factors of LED display, outdoor LED display brands are mostly powerful well-known brands and outstanding people in various industries, mainly located in the younger backbone of society, with a high degree of audience fit.

3. Safety and energy saving of LED display conform to the mainstream trend

With the continuous progress of LED display OOH, outdoor full-color LED display can be adaptively adjusted according to the ambient brightness to ensure better viewing effect.

Due to the strengthening of national supervision on outdoor advertising and the market elimination rules, low-quality LED display screens will also have security risks and can no longer survive.

4. Mutual Benefit and Win-win of Outdoor Advertising and LED Display

LED display has its own unique advantages in the field of outdoor advertising. Whether people are waiting for traffic lights, looking around for a favorite coffee shop, or strolling through time, LED displays can successfully grab everyone's attention. In order to ensure the advertising effect, it is mostly located on the main road with dense traffic, pedestrian street in business circle and local representative buildings. These locations have a wide range of audiences to meet the needs of different brand groups. The huge flow of people, coupled with the most eye-catching LED display screen, will bring sustained attention and impulse to buy for the brand.

It is worth noting that with the development of outdoor advertising, the technical requirements for LED display OOH are also increasing.

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