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Main Functions of the Transparent LED Display

Main Functions of the Transparent LED Display

Publish Time : Oct 20 2021

What is a transparent LED display? This is a LED display with extremely high transparency. In the environment of conventional or creative LED transparent display screens, what role does the circulation of LED transparent screens play in the LED display industry?

1. The role of transparent display in the industry

With the demand for outdoor display carriers by advertising groups, outdoor LED displays have gradually become popular. Outdoor LED display has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static and low energy consumption.

As a long-term propaganda carrier, with the increase of outdoor screens, the walls become darker, which has a negative impact on the overall appearance of the building and the image of the city. Therefore, in order to solve this problem and still retain the role of wall advertising display, transparent LED screens are available.

The emergence of the transparent LED display is to solve the trouble caused by the image problem of the LED display. The key feature is high transparency, does not block the line of sight, does not affect the overall appearance, and has a three-dimensional 3D display effect.

In addition, the transparent LED screen can also be installed indoors to display physical store products, and the three-dimensional effect attracts attention. The new circuit design of the LED transparent display is different from the traditional led display. It has better heat dissipation and can avoid fires caused by overheating.

2. The application of transparent LED display

It is mainly used for window display, glass curtain wall, etc. Not all outdoor LED displays use LED transparent screens, such as outdoor large-scale advertising double-sided screens, which are generally conventional, but LED transparent screens can be used. Moreover, the transparent LED display screen is more convenient to maintain, and the transparent screen can be maintained before and after. If you have any questions about the transparent LED display, please feel free to contact us.

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