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Experience in LED Transparent Screen Maintenance

Experience in LED Transparent Screen Maintenance

Publish Time : May 16 2022

After the LED transparent display is used for a long time, the product must be maintained. What is the solution to the difficult problem of LED display transparent screen? The distinction must be made on a case-by-case basis. LED transparent screen manufacturers share the following relevant work experience.

1. The LED transparent display screen crashes and does not display

1) Confirm whether the control cabinet is turned on (the bright red indicator light of PWR is on), and whether the data signal output is normal (the RUN signal light is flashing);

2) Is the LED transparent display screen turned on normally? When the switching power supply is turned on or off, the display screen will flash once, and then the display screen will return to crash;

3) If the above two inspections are correct, please confirm whether the network cable is plugged in and the touch is good. You can use an internet cable tester to check if the network cable is all right.

2. Incomplete display of transparent LED display

1) Please confirm whether the display content is converted according to the screen resolution of the LED display transparent screen.

2) Please confirm that the screen resolution of the splicing processor is the same as the screen resolution.

3) One or several led strips in the module or all housings cannot all work properly.

First, identify the location of the fault condition (according to the inspection to identify the location of the faulty control module and make a simple mark), and then replace the faulty module accordingly. The specific method of disassembling and replacing the module is as follows:

①Disconnect all switching power supplies of the transparent LED display; open the rear cover behind the screen, and unplug the power plug and power cord on the module;

② Unscrew the fixing screws on the upper and lower sides of the module;

③Remove the faulty module and pack it;

④ Install a relatively new module, tighten the fixed module screws, and insert the power plug and power cord;

⑤ The boot detection interface is normal.

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