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LEDFUL BEVEL Series Makes More Possibilities

We can see flat rectangular screens all over the streets, shopping malls, conference rooms and etc. However, the screens can not attract us anymore after long time watching. 

With development of society and technology, we always pursue those things that are special. Therefore, we may wonder if it's possible to make irregular shaped LED screens, something amazing, something unique......

Here, LEDFUL have a nice idea to meet your curiosity: LEDFUL Bevel Series --- Born for multi-sided screens with less gaps. We can make four-sided screens, six-sided screens, and even diamond screens with our Bevel Series.

For indoor screen, the gap we can make is less than 1mm, which is almost invisible. 

For outdoor screen, the gaps will be about 3mm, because we need to take waterproof factor into consideration.

You may ask: How can we make it? It's because our modules are 45 degrees bevel edge, there is no problem to make 90 degrees or 145 degrees.

If you have any special ideas about your LED display project, please email to LEDFUL.Katri@LEDFUL.com, or call at +86 18770229137. 

LEDFUL listen to your any possible requirements, sometimes we can even make impossible possible!

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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