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Advantages and Functions of LED Display

Advantages and Functions of LED Display

Publish Time : Jul 26 2018

The LED display is a flat panel display equipment, which consists of small LED module panels to display a variety of information such as text, image, video, video signal and so on.


1.The area of LED display is ductile. Compared to the LCD, LED display screen can be extended arbitrarily, and seamless splicing of it can be realized. But the LCD display is too large to realize seamless splicing.

2.LCD plasma screen luminous flux attenuation speed is very fast, the general operation of it is about a year and a half time. Then it is supposed to be replaced. But the LED display under the same condition can work at least five years.

3.The LED screen machine can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the advertising media and the audience, such as the customized touch screen, the implementation of cloud technology and control management, etc.

4.In terms of display effect, the LED display has high brightness. It has wider viewing angle and better color restoration capability than LCD display. LED screen machine is generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high speed rail, subway, cinema, exhibition, office buildings, and so on. The target customers have a strong consumption ability and great advertising value.


1.The commercial LED screens have the functions of commercial publicity and attracting customers.

2. The commercial LED screens play a role as store decoration, which improves the grade of enterprise.

3. The LED screens can play the role as lighting, which is a new and different way.

4. The commercial LED screens can popularize knowledge. ( It can be used to broadcast some information about enterprise products and relevant industry knowledge)

5.The commercial LED screens can be regarded as a bulletin board. ( It can be used to  release promotion and recruitment information)

6.The LED screens can heighten the atmosphere. Through the display screen, it can show some welcoming words and various festival celebrations.

7. The LED screens can also play a warning role, which are often used in road traffic LED navigation instructions.

It is undeniable that the ultimate goal of advertising billboards is to publicize commodity information, attract target customers, and maximize profits. The commercial LED screen is the first choice for corporate publicity to achieve this goal.

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