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What is meaning of LEDFUL new logo?

What is meaning of LEDFUL new logo?

Publish Time : Sep 03 2018

LEDFUL logo change

LEDFUL, the 'LED' means our LED display products, the 'FUL' means we will
supply wonderful quality, heartful price, and helpful service, bringing you
fruitful and successful business.

Why we updated our logo? Because

                                      ► Diamond Quality, LEDFUL LOGO, a diamond shape icon symbolize we focus on quality.

                                              ► First Choice, LEDFUL LOGO 1, first letter of LEDFUL, we are the first choice in your consideration.

                                            ► More Design, LEDFUL logo 2, More design, more solutions.

                              ► Process Management, LEDFUL logo 3, Two 'L', first letter and last letter of LEDFUL, means begin from inquiry to the end LED display works                                         perfect, our quality and service are always controlled by LEDFUL process management.

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