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Functions And Characteristics Of Monochromatic Indoor LED Panel

Functions And Characteristics Of Monochromatic Indoor LED Panel

Publish Time : Mar 01 2018

1.Time can be displayed, announcements, weather forecasts, advertisements, important news, welcoming speeches and slogans can be broadcast, and TV programs can be forecasted. 

2. The display mode includes displaying multilingual fonts with arbitrary dot matrix and flexibly entering and exiting the display in various ways. Various tables can be displayed, and the data in the tables can be manually input and changed by special software. It can also use editing software to combine words, pictures and tables and display them superimposedly. It can collect the current time in the computer and display the month, day, week, hour, minute, second and so on. 

3. LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, wide vision, high reliability, long life, light weight, modular structure, convenient installation and easy maintenance.

Technical Parameter

Common specifications

Pixel spacing

Pixel density

Display color


viewing angle

Average power consumption

Average fault-free running time

Screen life

Video screen function description
1. Hongyuan Integrity Indoor Monochrome Video Play Software is programmed with C++, which has powerful functions.

2. Friendly interface, support DOS, WINDOWS98, WINDOWSNT WINDOWS2k WINDOWSXP operating system.

3. Text can play various fonts, fonts and different text information of many kinds of texts. There are more than a dozen display modes, such as page turning, moving, rotating, rolling, flickering, snowdrifting and so on.

4. Video, playing video signals from video recorders, DVDs and other devices, can also be amplified or reduced.

5. Animation, can play two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation produced by ANIMATORPRO, 3DS and other software, and support AVI signals collected by compression card. The software package has convenient interface, rich material library, body library and advanced rendering technology. It can produce high-quality three-dimensional animation, making advertising creativity a realistic reality.

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