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Suitable Range Of Indoor Monochrome LED Display Panel

Suitable Range Of Indoor Monochrome LED Display Panel

Publish Time : Dec 29 2017

Banks, real estate, stock exchanges and other exchange rates, stocks, futures, real estate transactions and other information display. Or self-publicizing and publishing all kinds of information display in franchise stores, chain stores, schools and hospitals.

Characteristics of Control Technology
1. A single network line can transmit video signal (double color, 1024X1024 gray level).

2. Intelligent tracking function, Can drag the mouse power LED display area screen lock.

3. Ultra-large load, sending card 1280X1024 receiving card 1280X512.

4. The brightness is adjustable. In addition to 256-level software adjustment, the receiving board has 8-level brightness adjustment interface, which can adjust the brightness of the display screen manually or automatically.

5. Network control, remote publishing control, any computer on the Internet can switch the display screen, control the display content, adjust the display brightness and so on.

6. Long-distance transmission, using advanced data transmission technology, using gigabit network high-speed data communication chip, anti-static, lightning protection, support no relay long-distance transmission, synchronous video screen communication distance greater than 100 meters measured 130 meters.

7. Stable and reliable, using the latest international technology, using the world's popular ultra-large-scale (2 million gates) FPGA devices, improve the stability and reliability of the control system, and can support online upgrade.

8. Software compatibility is strong, because of the use of hardware real-time synchronization technology, the whole process does not need to load any software, with open software structure. The display screen can use DOS operating system or WINDOWS98, WINDOWSNT, WINDOWS2k, WINDOWSXP operating system. Users can compile their own display programs and use popular and excellent graphics, images, animation, video and slide production software to make and broadcast programs at will. At the same time, it provides a set of super graphics and text production and playback software. Supporting hundreds of display modes, it can arrange various video and text information arbitrarily and play automatically.

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