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Size Of Display Screen For Indoor Advertisement

Size Of Display Screen For Indoor Advertisement

Publish Time : Dec 30 2018

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Indoor: P2.5/P3/P4/P5/led large screen/outdoor table paste P6/P8/P10/led large screen/stage/wedding/hotel/exhibition/performance high-definition LED large screen rental series products manufacturer sales supply: P3.91\ P4\ P4.81\ P5\ P6.

Size parameters of indoor advertising display screen


Description of P2.5 Technical Indicator Parameters

Main Technical Parameters of Indoor Advertising Display Screen

PCB board: lamp drive in one, improve the reliability between LED and driver

Module size: 160 mm wide 80 mm high 12 mm thick

Modular Resolution: 64 Points Wide * 32 Points High = 2048 Points

Physical point spacing: 2.5mm_

Physical Density: 160000 Points/m2_

Luminescent spot color: 1R1G1B_

Lamp body: SMD_1010_

Single-pixel brightness: R:120-140 mcd,G:360-435 mcd,B:80-100 mcd.

Wavelength: R: 622.5-625 nm_G: 525-527.5 nm_B: 462.5-465 nm_

Module maximum power consumption: 14W operation, voltage: DC5V

Average power of modules: 6.2(30% energy saving by using company patented technology)

Module average power 5.8W_

Single lamp current (> 1MA)

Main Technical Parameters of Indoor Advertising Display Screen

1) Driver: Using PWM_constant current driver to improve the refresh speed of display screen: > 3840 frame/second perfect restoration: 4096 gray level image_

2) Drive mode: 16/1 drive

3) Supporting 10 (bit) bit color: 1024X1024X1024 = 1073741824 colors are more gorgeous in playing high-speed sports video screen uuuuuuuuuuuuu

4) Gray Level: RGB 4096

5) White Balance Brightness: > 1600cd/m2_

6) Brightness Adjustment Mode: Software Adjustment 255 Level Adjustable uuuuuuuuuuuu

7) Average fault-free time: > 6000 hours

8) Half-life: > 70,000 hours

9) Flatness: between arbitrary adjacent pixels less than 0.12 mm; module splicing clearance less than 0.3 mm;

10) Effective Communication Distance: 100m Wire, 500m Multimode Optical Fiber, 50km Single Mode Optical Fiber

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