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Video Floor LED Display Installation Steps and Basic Tutorial

Video Floor LED Display Installation Steps and Basic Tutorial

Publish Time : Apr 22 2021

1. Drag the base first according to the width as below, about 50 cm.
Attention: The spot of the first base plays an important role when install LEDFUL Video Floor series, therefore both the location and height need to have a full understanding of the scene before they can be determined. Only by determining the height and position of the first base that the subsequent installation can proceed smoothly.

2. About 100 cm in length that floor LED screen can put on it. Make four base into a dimension of about 50*100.
Attention: No need to put the four base in standard size completely , make sure the cabinet can be placed on top.

3. Put the cabinet beside the base, pay attention to the arrow direction, all the next cabinets need to be placed in the same direction.
Attention: Must pay attention to the direction of the video floor screen, place it in pre-designed form and make sure the next screen installation follow the same side.

4. There are positioning columns in the base and positioning holes in the cabinet. Align the positioning hole of the cabinet with the positioning columns of the base and place them.
Attention: As shown in the picture, the base we provided can ensure the dance floor screen fixing and its flatness adjustment. According to the space we designed, clients can use the base to test it first, and understand the docking of the base positioning column and the cabinet positioning hole before installation to ensure that the subsequent installation is convenient and quick.

5. As shown in the figure, the positioning column of the base is placed in the positioning hole of the cabinet.

6. Put the cabinet on the base. Due to the located dimension of base is estimated, so the cabinet cannot be fixed to the base at present.

Attention: Put the LED floor display screen on the base first as shown in the picture. Because the positioning column still not connected with the positioning hole, so there should be noticed that adjust the placement of the first cabinet, and then align the base positioning column with the cabinet positioning hole.

7. Adjust the base, follow the five step to put the positioning columns into the positioning holes and fixing them.
Attention: After fixing, it is necessary to confirm whether the height is consistent with the expectation. If there is any deviation, fine-tune it.

8. Fix the four corner bases to the cabinet in turn.
Attention: The first Floor series screen was installed successfully in this step but it should be noted whether the position of the screen is consistent with the design position of the drawing, if not, require fine-tuning; Next need to leave the screen power cable and signal cable for the next screen connection handily.

9. Put the power cable and signal cable beside the screen.

10. Place the second cabinet in the same direction as the first cabinet on the first cabinet.

Attention: Make sure the direction of the cabinet is the same as the front cabinet.

11. Connecting the power cable(blue plug connector) and signal cable(white plug connector) in turn.

Attention: Need to check carefully the space in the cable, need to be connected well, do not use brute force to plug when connect the signal cable and power cable. After plug the 2 cable, lock the plug connector tightly(Give it a twist in clockwise direction).

12. Place the cabinet as following, and fix the base.
Attention: Follow the above order to install the next screens.

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