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The Advantages of the LED Transparent Display and the Market Demand

The Advantages of the LED Transparent Display and the Market Demand

Publish Time : Aug 01 2022

Nowadays, whether on the roadside, or in shopping malls, we can easily find the existence of LED displays. As an important medium for information transmission and atmosphere decoration, LED screen is favored by everyone, of which the transparent display is widely used. What are the advantages of such an amazing transparent screen? Come to see the introduction of LEDFUL company!

1. The market demand Transparent LED display

Along with the continuous development trend and development of LED transparent display, the requirements for outdoor advertising signs are getting higher and higher. The traditional light box advertising, propaganda posters and other Internet media have long been unable to meet the requirements. Therefore, the outdoor ultra-clear LED display stands out and successfully turns into a new trend of new media development.

In this case, transparent led display slowly occupies a certain market share, especially in the use of glass curtain wall has more and more critical influence. In addition, in the capital construction of urban planning and construction, led transparent display is more popular in the construction project of glass curtain wall. It can make the construction project with fashion trend, color variety, totalitarian and modern sense, which will give everyone a different expression.

2. The advantages of transparent LED display

1, 85% transparency of transparent display, ensures the requirements of the wooden floor, glass curtain wall, windows and other intermediate lighting fixtures and angle category, and the initial lighting fixtures of the glass curtain wall see-through role.

2.Simplicity. Hard connection, no steel frame structure, easy to install, which can save a lot of cost of installation and maintenance.

3.light and simple: Does not occupy indoor space; thin computer motherboard, the net weight of the display is only 15Kg/㎡. Can be immediately glued to the glass curtain wall, and do not have to change the building structure.

4.Realism: distinctive to show the actual effect. The screen is transparent, which can make the advertising brand image floating on the glass curtain wall, with excellent advertising effect and display effect.

3. The market capacity effect of Transparent LED display

The application field of transparent led display has been expanded to large and medium-sized glass curtain wall building projects. At this stage, it is getting bigger and bigger sales in the market and is about to turn into a trend of new media development.

In the use of led transparent screen, it has the advantage of 65%-95% transparency and 1.0MmPCB thinness. Currently led transparent screens can be very easily installed behind windows, and control panel specifications can be customized. The product does not affect the indoor lighting, and also has the benefit of easy installation and maintenance.

Nowadays, LED transparent display has opened up new application areas in the market and still has a broad industry prospect. In terms of manufacturing industry, it is a new media advertising resource to integrate into the new market. LED transparent display is used in city construction, airports, car showrooms, financial enterprises and famous brand chain franchises, stores including installation of windows, etc. have a very creative advertising value.

In mass custom manufacturing, the technical quality of transparent LED display information goods must also be strictly checked. The transparency of transparent display has been very high from the point of view of the goods released in the market at present. After the transparency reaches 95%, it can not only guarantee the lighting fixture regulations and angle category in the middle of wooden floor, glass curtain wall, window, etc., but also has excellent heat discharging effect. The installation and maintenance of the product display, change the limitations of the traditional type LED display on laminated glass.

Although the high transparency is the outstanding advantage of transparent screen, but then again, enhance the transparency will make the pixel pitch expand, which will reduce the picture quality of the photo and the actual display effect. How to complete mass production under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of information displayed on transparent LED display, which requires a large number of companies to improve.

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