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Installation Method of Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Installation Method of Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Publish Time : Apr 04 2015

Outdoor environment not only requires high quality of LED display, but also affects the installation of LED display, and the installation methods will vary from place to place.

Outdoor advertising LED display screen is mainly divided into the following installation methods, such as embedded, hoisting, step, column, wall hanging, front maintenance, etc.

Embedded Installation type

Generally, steel structure is installed on the wall, and then embedded in the outdoor advertising LED display screen with steel structure as support. The main installation place is the outer wall of the building.

Suspending type

Mainly using the designed steel structure, the outdoor LED display screen is hung on the structure. Usually used on stage, outdoor without wall support, temporary in the case of outdoor LED display, the advantages of hoisting mode are obvious.

Step type

It is mainly to install double-color LED display or full-color LED display on the elevation of the steps. High-density LED display is lined with LED display. The observation distance is generally 3 meters away, which will have a better effect. When all the steps and facades are connected to play the video, it will show a very beautiful display effect.

Column type

Because there are no walls or available supporting points around, the installation of upright outdoor LED display requires high steel structure, which is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertisement LED screens beside the expressway are installed in the form of pillars.

Wall mounted type

Generally, a stress point is made on the wall, the outdoor LED display screen is hung on the wall, and the wall is used as a fixed support.

Front maintenance type

The greatest feature of the installation method is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace accessories. Maintenance personnel can open the screen directly from the front of the outdoor LED display screen for operation.

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