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Problems in Operating LED Outdoor Display Screen in Outdoor Media

Problems in Operating LED Outdoor Display Screen in Outdoor Media

Publish Time : Oct 05 2017

As a new favorite of outdoor advertising, outdoor LED video wall has advantages that other advertising carriers do not have, such as visual impact and cost investment. Because of the high brightness of outdoor LED video wall, even in the daytime, the picture is very clear and clear, and has a strong visual impact. If the high-density LED video wall, this feature will be more obvious, and it will also close people's viewing distance.

Outdoor LED video wall also has the characteristics of all-weather release. In the past, many enterprises favored the launch of TV advertisements. Although the overall audience of TV advertisements is large, the number of TV channels is large, and the price of good columns and prime time is not low. Relatively speaking, the outdoor LED video wall aims to be relatively single and focused, which can maximize the attention of the people around the past. Moreover, the advertisements are rolled on the big screen every day, repeatedly infusing people with their advertising content, which strengthens the propaganda efforts.
Outdoor LED video wall has many advantages, but it also faces various problems that need to be improved.

The display screen is mainly composed of four parts in operation, including rent, depreciation, electricity and maintenance. Rent and depreciation are almost fixed, and the electricity charge and maintenance mainly depend on the specifications and quality of the display screen. A media company operating dozens or hundreds of display screens will absolutely not have a small monthly electricity charge. Therefore, energy saving is also a problem worthy of attention when purchasing the display screen. In addition, maintenance issues are also worth thinking about.

In fact, many media companies now have high quality requirements for outdoor LED video wall. Because once the display screen is damaged, media companies will suffer a lot of losses in both business and maintenance. It is understood that the power supply is the most critical component in the operation. Once the power supply fails, it will directly lead to black blocks in the display screen, which will affect the advertising of the media. Generally speaking, there will be a lot of dust and dampness in outdoor LED display screen for more than three years and five years, and the main source of power failure is from this. Focus on the power protection and damage caused by falling ash and damp, if the temperature control is not appropriate, or the fan fails over time, or the display panel consumes a lot of power, the long-term high-temperature environment causes the solute to become smaller, and so on, which may cause damage to the power supply.

For these reasons which may damage the power supply, enterprises should also consider how to ensure the normal use of power supply in various environments.

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