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LEDFUL Indoor Transparent TGC3.9QD 2.5×1.5m four-sided for Club DJ Table in Indonesia

Size: 2.5*1.5*4
Location: Indonesia
Installation Time: 2022.4

According to the customer's needs and the requirements of the installation scene, recommended the indoor transparent screen TGC3.9QD-2000 -- the TGC series cost-effective design cabinet.

Customer expected renderings

After the engineer's suggestion and the comprehensive communication of the customer, the installation drawing is as follows

Because it is a right-angle four-sided screen, engineer design right-angle connectors to make the screen splicing more smooth and beautiful

Customer installation site

The screen is installed above the DJ table in the club. The play performance of the screen matches the change of DJ music to enhance the scene lighting and effect atmosphere, and the atmosphere makes the overall experience of customers stronger.

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