2015-2023 LEDFUL

American Outdoor Advertising LED Sign

Product Model: OF10S
Pitch: 10mm
Size: 10'x5' 20pcs
Location: American

This reference project is outdoor fixed installation LED sign, size is 10’x5’, total 20pcs, purchased by one of US client in 2018 year.

Energy Saving Outdoor Fixed LED Display---OF Series--OF10S

OF10S model, pixel pitch is 10mm, SMD high brightness solution, which is the first choice for outdoor fixed installation display application if could accept the optimum viewing distance from 8m up to 500m.

OF series cover wider pixel pitch, start from P4,P5,P6... to P16 and all OF series design for working in all weather outdoor environments. High protection grade of IP65 suitable for winter and cold areas like North European countries and Russia, and high temperature like KSA, Oman, UAE, etc.

Outdoor LEDFUL OF series is the perfect energy-saving outdoor fixed LED display solution,which use higher efficiency IC driver, perfect PCB design together with better power conversion efficiency.

Besides, LEDFUL team provide structure frame design drawing and installation suggestions for each project according to the local site requirements.

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2015-2023 LEDFUL
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