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Russia Water Dance Festival Event LED Display

Product Model: MI12.5
Size: 22.4sqm
Location: Russia

This reference project is shared from one of our Russia client, which bought the  22.4sqm MI 12.5 indoor rental model in 2008year.

The reference cases is old model, which is lauched in 2008 year,11 years ago. I think you would find that  the pixel pitch is very big 12.5mm even for indoor rental stage application. But now for indoor event project, more and more clients prefer fine pixel pitch from P2.9 to P6.2, no big pixel for better resolution and better performance for all viewers and events.

Currently M series is the 3rd generation rental LED display, designed and lauched by LEDFUL in the end of 2017 Year, which all with some unique features as the below.

One for All
Front Maintenance
Front Installation
Curved -7.5°~ 10°
Climb Support
Edge-care Design
No Light Leakage

For more details of M series rental LED display, please kindly click the website as the below.

Thanks for your attention.

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2008-2020 LEDFUL
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