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LED Display Price And How To Choose LED Display Pixel Pitch

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

LED Display Price:

Led display supplier: Many clients like asking what's your best price. Every Led display supplier will have their own price and the difference is big. It all depends on the material they use. Once the client asks cheaper prices they have to buy a bigger pitch, once that is not an option the led display supplier might use low-quality material that might affect the product in a few months or after a few years depends on how low they can go. Which means service and quality are both very important.

Indoor and Outdoor Price: Outdoor is always more expensive than indoor for the same kind of display. This is also very normal since outdoor led displays have high requirements for the waterproof, so it needs more material and time to make it.

Pitch Price: Everyone in the led display world will talk about the Led pitch. At the moment the led pitch for indoor and outdoor are getting smaller and smaller. And sure the smaller the pitch means higher resolution and the more expansive the led display will be.

Brand of LEDs: the main cost of the Led display is in the LEDs. The more LEDs the higher the price. Most famous brand around the world is Nichia, Cree, etc. The rice is 2-4 times more expansive than LEDs from China (Silan, Opto, Epistar, etc). So the display price will also increase by 2-4 times. LEDs of China today can compete with those expensive brands in led displays. Mostly difference and lifetime won`t be much different. And there are China LEDs in led display nearly 90 percents. Led display suppliers will try to sell the expansive brand because they can earn much more money for each square meter.

Led display other material: Price depends on every material we are not only talking about LEDs but also the PCB, Plastic, Power, Cables, Capacitors, Cabinet, Driver, etc will influence the price. Using the best led in combination with bad material will always result in a bad product. Therefore, before you buy a led display, you can not only risk choosing the cheaper price, stable material, good pre and after-sales service are all very important factors you need consider.

How to Choose LED Display Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch: Pitch is the distance between the LEDs. The smaller the pitch the bigger the resolution and also more expensive.
LED Display Price and How to Choose LED Display Pixel Pitch 1

LED display view distance: When the distance of led displays is far it is not needed to have a small pitch. Since the human eyes can`t see details when it is far. For example, when a led display is 30 meters away it is hard to notice the difference between pitch 10 and pitch 16. It is advised to P16mm.

Small size led displays: Small size displays will have a small viewing distance. So the pitch should be smaller.
LED Display Price and How to Choose LED Display Pixel Pitch 2

The above is just for quick understanding of theory. Concerning your exact project requirements, please contact our sales engineers for the price and corresponding solution and quotation for your own project. Thank you.

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