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Why LED Display Show Overlapped Image? (Same Copy Image Or Disorder Image On LED Display)

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

In this page, we introduce how to solve overlapped, same copy and disorder image on LED display.
Why LED Display Show Overlapped Image

Failure Cause:
a) Wrong connection between Cabinets or Signal Cable (flat cable) misconnected
Solution: Reconnect the signal cable according to the Controlling System Operation Steps (see the Controlling System Operation Manual).

b) Wrong setup on connection in software
Solution: Load corresponding "CON file" into software. CON file normal come in a CD with LED display together. It is according to your cabinets array.

In last pages, we also introduce loading "RCG file". Some clients do not understand the files and also have no idea how to load. So in following pages, we will make detail load process. 

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