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Led Display Screen Classification According to the Use Environment

Led Display Screen Classification According to the Use Environment

Publish Time : Dec 21 2018

Indoor led panel

The Indoor led panel is mainly used in the indoor. In the manufacturing process, the luminous grains are first made into dot matrix module (or digital tube) and then spliced into a display unit board of certain size. According to the user's requirements, the Indoor led panel is spliced into the size required by the user with the display unit board as the basic unit. According to the size of the pixels, the Indoor led panel is divided into P2, P3, P3.75, P4.8, P5, P8, P10 and so on. In general, the area of Indoor led panel is from less than one square meter to more than ten square meters, and the point density is high. It is used in non-direct sunlight or lighting environment, and the viewing distance is several meters away. The Indoor led panel does not have the ability of sealing and waterproofing. The lattice module is the main part of the Indoor led panel, because the brightness requirement of the indoor led panel is not high when it is used indoors, and the lattice module has a high performance-price ratio.

Outdoor Led video wall

Outdoor Led video wall is mainly used outdoors. In the fabrication process, first of all, the luminescent grains are packaged into a single light emitting diode, which is called a single lamp. The single lamp used for making outdoor screen usually uses a reflecting cup with the function of focusing light to improve the brightness, and then encapsulated by a number of Led single lamp into a single pixel tube or a pixel module. The lattice display unit box is composed of a pixel tube or a pixel module. According to the user's needs and the display application place, a display unit box is used as the basic unit to compose the required size. The box body should be sealed in design so as to achieve the purpose of waterproof and fog-proof and adapt it to the outdoor environment. According to the size of the pixels, the outdoor screen is divided into * 11, P14, * 16, * 19, * 21, * 26, P36 and other specifications.

The area of outdoor Led video wall generally ranges from several square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters. Point density is relatively sparse (mostly 1000-4000 points per square meter). Luminescence brightness is 3000-6000cd/m2 (different orientation, different brightness requirements). It can be used under direct sunlight. The viewing distance is tens of meters away. The screen has good capability of wind, rain and lightning protection.

Semi-outdoor Led display

The semi-outdoor screen is between outdoor and indoor. It has high luminous brightness. It can be used outdoors without direct sunlight. The screen body has a certain seal. Usually under the eaves or in the window.

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