2015-2024 LEDFUL

Outdoor LED display for Stadium in USA

Product Model: FA10 Front Access
Pitch: 10 mm
Size: 160sqm
Location: USA

Outdoor LED display technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, applicability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video content look great from any angle. Outdoor LED display is becoming a unstoppable trend.

This reference project photo is shared from one of our American clients. The standing column LED display is our front service model---FA10 (960x960mm die casting cabinet) which launched in the earlier of this 2019 year. Below are some features of FA series:

1.Die Casting Aluminum-Dual Doors: Better Heat Dissipation, Good Waterproof.
2.Integral Molding Structure: Die Casting, Light & Thin, High Precision.
3.Front & Back Service Module: 3x3 Array, Fast Maintenance.

LEDFUL FA series provide high bright and contrast ratio to make vivid color even facing directly to the Sunlight. At the same time, the auto brightness saving energy will automatically reduce brightness in night time to protect people’s eyes.Beside these, the Energy Saving LED display uses high efficiency IC driver, improves the PCB design, makes the Power conversion more efficiently, which could achieve 30% energy saving.

In addition to rectangle LED display, LEDFUL provides more designs and more solutions. Cylinder LED display, Curved LED display, 90 degrees LED display, Round LED display, LED ball, etc.

For more details of FA series outdoor big LED screen, please visit our website or chat with online sales or send your requirements details to our company email kevin@ledful.com.

Thanks for your trust to LEDFUL.
  • Outdoor LED display for Stadium in USA
  • Outdoor LED display for Stadium in USA
  • Outdoor LED display for Stadium in USA

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2015-2024 LEDFUL
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