2008-2021 LEDFUL

LEDFUL Fine pitch indoor LED Screen

Today's LED industry trend from the original large spacing to the current small spacing products, in recent years, LEDful company also put more energy in this field, focusing on high precision research and development.

Every product improvement is closely related to the progress of LED chip cutting and packaging. In other words, it is the upstream chip and packaging manufacturers that drive the development of indoor LED displays with small spacing towards high density, high definition and high reliability.

The concept of indoor small-spacing LED display was born from 2.5mm, and then mainly focused on the interval of 1.9-2.0mm, 1.5-1.6mm, 1.2mm up and down and a few pixel spacing. In just three short years, due to the reduction of raw material costs and failed pixels, the market has enough confidence and budget for the application of higher definition displays. LED small-pitch display applications have basically penetrated into the range of 1.2mm pitch and 1.5mm pitch. There is still technical room for closer pixel spacing.

In 2021, the era began to continue to develop. In addition to the continuous improvement of LEDFUL pixel density and product stability, the integrity of LED product design is also tending to be perfect.

With the market's increasing application demands for small-spacing products and manufacturers' pursuit of improving customer product experience, small-spacing products began to explore the possibility of product improvement from the perspectives of structural design, display size, signal source matching, etc., and gradually formed the product system and design style of each manufacturer. Below is our company's flagship product U series.

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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