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The Transparent Screen

The Transparent Screen

Publish Time : Oct 21 2020

On September 1, the national school day, Wuhan, once the worst-hit area of the epidemic, also welcomed back 2,842 primary and middle schools as well as kindergartens, and 1.399 million students returned to school, which astonished the world again.The media from all over the world are also focusing on the full resumption of classes in Wuhan, believing that Wuhan shows that the whole China has returned to normal and completely got rid of the shadow of COVID-19. In the latest promotional video of Wuhan, the spherical building of Optical Valley walking street shows up as one of the landmark buildings in Wuhan. And the glass inside the building is pasted with a Tiege-Tech film screen to display content as well as spread advertisements, enhancing the fashion sense of the Optical Valley and increasing the flow of people on the pedestrian street.

Wuhan Optical Valley Transparent Screen Project Witnesses Wuhan's New History

Since Wuhan restarted on April 8 until September 1, the resumption of classes in primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens in this city proves that daily life in Wuhan has been fully restored to its original state. Not only in schools, streets are the same. Wuhan's largest commercial real estate project, Optical Valley walking street in the World City, exoticism and colorful outdoor advertising equipment become the witnesses of recovery of pedestrian flow in Wuhan. Among them, the iconic spherical building of Optical Valley adopts the P20 transparent screen independently developed by the led screen company Tiege-Tech, with a total area of 1200 square meters, which enhances the high-end sense and fashion sense of Optical Valley walking street.

The screen body is customized one by one according to the special-shaped triangular structure without damaging the original structure of the building during installation. It has the characteristics of high heat dissipation and low failure rate that are fully adapted to the high temperature environment in the sphere. Besides, the screen brightness reaches 5600cd/㎡, and the display picture is clear as well as stunning during the day, while at night it is extremely delicate, let alone playing texts, promotional videos, animations as well as advertisements, etc. What an immeasurable commercial value it has! This project was completed in July 2019, which witnessed the flow of people in Wuhan from more to less, and from less to more during the epidemic, becoming one of the historical witnesses of Wuhan. Therefore, in the latest promotional video in Wuhan, this spherical building also appears, which shows the iconic significance of this building.

Transparent Screen Has Become An Irreplaceable Part of Urban Building Lighting

With the further development of night-time economy and the improvement of aesthetic requirements, people have higher requirements for building lighting. As an important role in the subdivision of LED display screen, transparent screen earns itself a place with its unique display methods, thin and light appearance design as well as high-end science and technology atmosphere. Tiege-Tech film screen can not only be integrated perfectly with the surrounding environment, but also has the characteristics of light weight, transparency, and convenient installation. What's more, it has unique advantages in the current urban curtain wall construction realizing led video wall advertising, broad view over the landscape, shopping mall canopy and other fields, glowing with a brand-new display image and being favored by professional users worldwide.

In terms of the design scheme, Tiege film screen greatly reduces the obstruction to the field of view caused by the structural components with the permeability up to 85%, which does not hinder the penetration of light and has a good perspective effect when the light is not turned on. The Tiege-Tech film screen can not only be combined with the glass curtain wall to achieve a good advertising display effect, but also can avoid the government's approval process for outdoor advertising screens, which can save time and money costs. In addition to the application of building lighting, Tiege film screen can also be installed in commercial buildings, shopping malls and other scenes. It not only has the practicality of LED displays, but also has a certain degree of beauty and concealment, enhancing the sense of science and technology and aesthetics of application scenarios. The magic P20 diamond screen and P10 petal screen in Longfor Paradise Walk created ingeniously by Tiege-Tech have reflected the perfect combination of technology and art, enriching the shopping experience of consumers and becoming the "money-maker" of Longfor Paradise Walk, which appeared in the CCTV News some time ago.

The diamond screen in the main atrium of Longfor Paradise Walk integrates diamond shapes and displays invisibly, bringing a tremendous amount of traffic to the mall and promoting consumption with its unique shape and cool display, which also shows the ingenuity of Longfor Paradise Walk. The petal screen runs through the entire east atrium. After the screen is lighted up, linkage play of multi-screens can be realized and the display screen can be viewed in all directions without dead corners, which has great visual impact and shock. The petal screens have different shapes and large curvatures, of which the screen body is tailored according to the structure, blooming as soft as a flower. Under the superposition of different colors, it is like a magic. The whole is agile and charming, forming a beautiful landscape.

With the deepening transparent screen technology, the application scenarios and product lines of transparent screens are extended. At present, transparent screens have small pitch and soft film products, which can be arbitrarily tailored according to the application scenarios and applied to indoors as well as outdoors, buildings, windows, elevators, new retail and other application scenarios. In the future, driven by the efforts of a group of transparent screen companies, the transparent screen will also burst out new vitality.

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