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LEDFUL U Series Successful Enter US High-End Market

LEDFUL U Series Successful Enter US High-End Market

Publish Time : Nov 23 2017

LEDFUL fine pitch LED display is widely used in large multimedia conference, which is a necessary equipment for playing daily video and news, conference hosting and other media activities. Indoor high-definition led screen, has a super high resolution and rich color sense, it’s not only great satisfied the requirements of increasing visual and interactive experience, but also provide more directly and effectively technical support for demonstration broadcasting.

Project Details
Product Model: U1.8
Pitch: 1.8mm
Size: 15 SQM
Location: US

LEDFUL fine pixel pitch LED display enjoy longer lifespan,higher reliability and stability,more efficient and energy-saving. Currently products are widely used in shopping malls, science and technology museums, construction media, government departments, education and publicity,etc.

LEDFUL has been highly recognized by wide users as focus on excellent quality, first-rate service and good brand image. We LEDFUL committed to propose the best solutions to more industries in near future.

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