2008-2021 LEDFUL

2020 BOSE& LEDFUL Win-Win Cooperation with Outdoor LED display for Advertising

Product Model: FA6.6 / LPoster2.5 5000nits
Pitch: 6.6mm /2.5mm
Size: 9600x960mm/ 960x1920mm,4pcs
Location: Ukraine
Application: Advertising/Billboard/DOOH/Media Facade/Sports/Car Dealer/Transportation/Hospital/Shopping Malls

This FA series is especially for Front Access Outdoor LED billboard display requirements, installed on window glass but facing outside,so need enough brightness above 5000nits. this FA outdoor led billboard model designed with die casting aluminum cabinet, supporting the three new services as below.
I. LED module fast lock front & back service
II. Power Supply Tool-Free Service
III. Receiver Card Tool-Free Service

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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