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Price Scheme of Stage Rental LED Display Screen (Attached Reference Table)

Price Scheme of Stage Rental LED Display Screen (Attached Reference Table)

Publish Time : Dec 26 2018

Large-scale concerts, television stage, performance venues, stage LED display is widely used. To understand the price of stage LED display screen, we need to understand the price components of LED display screen. The following is the price scheme of stage rental LED display screen for your reference.

Overview of Application Programmes
The compact LED rental display panel made of patented die-casting aluminium box greatly improves the appearance and function of the panel. The LED box is light and thin, with high splicing accuracy and convenient disassembly, assembly and maintenance. It also has good safety, high efficiency and easy installation.

Stage Rental LED Display Screen Function

1. Live broadcasting, super-large and clear live pictures, breaking the seating restrictions, making it easier to watch performances from a long distance.

2. Splendid close-ups, slow-motion replays and random changes of various stage backgrounds bring the performance artistic conception into full play.

3. The perfect combination of realistic pictures and shocking music creates a dreamlike stage background.

Characteristic of stage rental LED display

1. Perfect high-definition painting quality, brand-new visual experience, a new generation of technology embodiment.

2. High refresh rate above 1920HZ, 14bit high gray level, realistic picture, meet the high visual quality requirements for commercial use.

3. Automatic brightness adjustment function, according to the change of indoor and outdoor light automatically adjust the brightness of display screen, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. High-precision processing, die-casting aluminum box using CNC finishing, size tolerance less than 0.2 mm, seamless splicing of LED box, standardized design, can be assembled arbitrarily, high-grade beautiful.

5. Specific models support dislocation splicing to achieve more styling. The side radian calibration side lock design of the box body can be spliced to any radian from - 15 to 15 degrees. 6. Easy to disassemble and assemble, saving labor costs.

7. Zero noise, no fan design, energy saving over 30% compared with traditional screen, providing a quiet working environment.

8. Professional audio and video processing system supports the processing of multiple signals, ensures the playback of high fidelity image signals, and realizes live broadcasting.

9. It is equipped with air box, which is convenient for storage and transportation of LED rental box and plays a protective role on the screen.

10. Outdoor model up to IP65 protection level, waterproof and dust-proof, suitable for use in outdoor environment.

11. tailor-made the most suitable solution for LED display screen according to customer requirements and on-site environment.

Dimension Reference of Stage LED Display Screen

The following is the size and model specifications of stage rental LED display.

Wittham Photoelectric LED Rental


Box diagram


Module Size


Price Quotation Table for Stage LED Display Screen

As can be seen from the following figure, the price composition of stage LED display mainly includes three parts.

1. Screen quotation, including the total area of the screen

2. Supporting equipment, including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, distribution cabinet, video processor

3. Systems engineering, including steel structure, power wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation fees, etc.

Serial number

Device name

Model specification

Counting unit


Unit Price(RMB)

Total price(RMB)



Containing power supply, layout, power supply, box module


Control system

Sending card

Lingxing Rain System

Receiving card


LED Player Software

LED Studio



Steel structure


Power Distribution Box

custom type


Power amplifier loudspeaker box

2 Audio, 1 power amplifier as a set




Installation and commissioning fee

further discussion





excluding tax

X Points Including Tax

Payment method: 30% deposit in advance, balance settled before shipment, excluding tax, tax plus point


1. Wittham offers a two-year warranty

2. The above quotation is the reference quotation, and the specific quotation has been mainly designed.

Stage Rental LED Display Topology

The application field of stage LED display screen
Wittham stage LED display applies indoor and outdoor stage background, concerts, weddings, opera houses, hotels, auditoriums, conference rooms, high-end entertainment venues and so on.

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