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India Front Maintenance LED Church Screen

Product Model: IF4
Size:37.75sqm Ratio 16:9

This reference project is IF4 indoor fixed installation advertising display. the total display size is about 37.75sqm, located in a India church.

The pixel pitch is P4mm, optimum viewing distance is about from 3m to 300m.
IF4 model belong to IF indoor series, which is widely used in indoor advertising application.like shopping mall, stores,bank,church,etc.

Most clients prefer front maintenance to save the installation space but it  depends. We would like to propose the best entire solution according to all your local requirements.

Currently,more and more stores adopt LED display to promote their business and show the goods advantages and features. specially in some famous brand store.it indeed attract lots of potential clients to make the transaction.

IF Series More Features & More Advantages:

Excellent heat dissipation and noiselessness
High-performance metal plate cabinet design
Macro molecular flexible mask with glare-less surface on LED modules
High definition and could be adjusted with various pixel pitch, so it can meet the request of the clients according different application environments.
Best equality, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, have the excellent consistency of light to make LED display great performance.

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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