2008-2021 LEDFUL

South Korea Indoor Church Advertising LED Display

Product Model: IFR3
Pitch: 3mm
Size: 20sqm 
Location: South Korea

This IFR3 reference project is shared from one of our South Korea client.

IFR3 model, the pixel pitch is 3mm, is for indoor fxed installation application. the cabinet material is not normal Iron but die-casting aluminum with less weight and less heat, also with front access and front installation features, defintely is more suitable for some fine pitch projects, like installed on the wall, no space for rear maintenance or some other special requirements on the apperance.

This module size is 240x240mm, one cabinet size is 480x480mm. The screen whole size could be customized. IFR model is also belong to IF series, the main different is the cabinet design structure and cabinet material. 

This model is more widely used for indoor fine pitch videowall LED advertising application, with all unique features of die-casting aluminum cabinet design and small pixel pitch display's advantages.

If you want to learn more of IF serie indoor fixed advertising LED display, Please kindly click the below link for details. 

Thanks for your attention.

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2008-2021 LEDFUL
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