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Czech Indoor Conference Event LED Display

Product Model: XI3.9
Pitch: 3.9mm
Size: 36sqm
Location: Czech

This reference project photos were shared by one of our Czech clients, who purchased the XI3.9 model in the year of 2019. the total rental screen size is 36sqm.

X series is the 3rd generation rental LED display, designed and lauched by LEDFUL in the end of 2018 Year.

Undoubtly, XI 3.9 is the hot model , the panel size is 500x500mm. X series and T series can be installed together for multiple event requirements.also curved installation design, which can make convex and concave.

As x stage rental series, two knobs design make the control box exchange in 1 second and faster and easier installation makes the X series LED display with perfect performance in each event shows.

X series cover pixel pitch indoor display start from 2.6mm(XI2.6) to 6.2mm(XO6.2) and outdoor from XO3.9 to XO6.2. all X series with some unique features as the below.

1 Second Exchangeable Box
Full Front Maintenance
Curved Installation
Work with T series
Light and Thin

If you want to learn more details of XI series, Please kindly click the below link for checking brochure.

If any inquiry, welcome to contact us online or send email to sales@ledful.com.

Thanks for your attention.

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