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Slovakia Outdoor Rental Event LED Display

Product Model: XO3.9
Pitch: 3.9mm
Size: 24sqm
Location: Slovakia

This reference project is shared from one of our Slovakia client, which bought the 24sqm XO3.9 outdoor rental stage model in the year of 2019.

X series is the 3rd generation rental LED display, designed and lauched by LEDFUL in the end of 2018 Year.

Undoubtly, XO 3.9 is the hot model , the panel size is 500x500mm. X series and T series can be installed together for multiple event requirements.also curved installation design, which can make convex and concave.

As x stage rental series, two knobs design make the control box exchange in 1 second and faster and easier installation makes the X series LED display with perfect performance in each event shows.

X series cover pixel pitch indoor display start from 2.6mm(XI2.6) to 6.2mm(XO6.2) and outdoor from XO3.9 to XO6.2. all X series with some unique features as the below.

1 Second Exchangeable Box
Full Front Maintenance
Curved Installation
Work with T series
Light and Thin

If you want to learn more of X series rental event display, Please kindly click the below link for details.

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