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NIGERIA LAGOS National Stadium Basketball LED Perimeter Display

Product Model: IPM10
Pitch: 10mm
Size: 800x1280mmx60pcs

Stadium Perimeter LED Display---PM Series--IPM10

IPM10 is the most popular display model, widely used in kinds of sports stadium.service for basketball or football and other competitive event.

LEDFUL Stadium Perimeter LED Display IPM10 model successful support the top African basketball championships held in LAGOS, NIGERIA during 10-16th Sept., 2018.

LEDFUL PM series with rotating base and wheels for emergency exit for perimeter LED display installation in stadium. This is necessary for quick and easy escape required by most football associations.

LEDFUL PM Player and software makes it easy to control your screen, manage your media and show linear content on your perimeter LED display, which is friendly for advertising application.

Besides, LEDFUL PM series with 4H features, makes LED Perimeter Display perfect visual effect.

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2008-2020 LEDFUL
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