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Graphic Card Video Card ATI Setup Instruction

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

In LED screen control system, except sending card, receiver card, processor, etc, the graphic card (normal with ports VGA, DVI, HDMI) is also necessary. In LED screen industry, we normally call it other names like DVI card, Video Card, etc.

After hardware installation and connection, the graphic card software control panel setup is also important. Here we introduce the detail setup for LED screen working.

There are normally two kinds graphic cards, one is called N card (NVIDIA), the other is A card (AMD-ATI). N card setup is very easy, here we introduce A card.
  • Control Panel --- Displays Manager
  • Select "Enable"
  • Select "Clone"
  • Note when you setup graphic card resolution, you need setup the same with sending card resolution. This is to make sure LED screen and graphic card pixel to pixel.

Any inconvenience or trouble on setup of your LED screen, feel free to contact us for assistance. For more LED knowleage and learning, please refer to our another webpage "Client Centre" .

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