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How To Repair IC And LED

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

1. the maintenance of IC(operated by technologist)
 According to attachment B, If it is sure that IC is bad, change directly by searing-iron

2. the maintain of LED

If finding several LEDs not light or always light, take out the module and examine, If LEDs is bad, the outdoor consumer operates by the following instruction, while the indoor consumer changes it directly by searing-iron.
1) Take out the screws in the surface by screwdriver, then take out the surface

2)Find out the ill LED, test LED by the one that test diode in the multimeter
Test again and again(pay attention to the anode and cathode) If it can't light, It is ill LED.(The LED in the picture is good)

3) Being sure the location of the LED, take out the glue around the LED by plier and some other tools(be careful to the line under LED and not to attain it) Then pick up the ill LED by plier, brand iron, and other tools.

4) Take out LED from the store, test it by the multimeter.Then cut out the excrescent foot by wire cutter, leaving only 6 to 7mm length.Then install the LED by brand iron, plier, and other tools.(pay attention to the anode and the cathode, usually the andoe have a longer foot and PCD quadrate hole)

5)After installing the LED,make sure the whole module works well,Pressurize the exposed place by electro-gluing water,to protect it from rain and against the corrasion to the oxidation-line-board.(If the customes have no electro-gluing water,they can use other gluewater instead,only for function of waterproof and airproof)

6) Install the surface and finish the maintenance

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